Selected Articles and Presentations

Else, J (2023) Education as Emotional Experience, NSCD conference, Leeds. 12th Jan

Else, J (2018) Climbing the Virtual Stepladder: Exploring the Reality of Virtual Worlds in Performance.  Body, Space & Technology. 17(1), pp. 34–50. 

Else, J (2016) Art vs Research, Dance HE conference, NSCD, Leeds. 28th October 2016

Else, J (2015) Peer Observation of Teaching, CDD conference, The Place, London. 9th April 2015

Else, J (2014) The impact of colour on our perception, through an examination of colourised photographs. NSCD, Leeds.

Else, J (2013) “Economics and Art are Strangers” (Cather, no date) Does Bitcoin change this equation? NSCD, Leeds.

Else, J (2012) "Photographs that no one took" (Rafman in Luse, 2009) an examination of Jon Rafman's 9 Eyes project. NSCD, Leeds.



Outside of his practice-based research in music composition and filmmaking, James is particularly interested in the abstract connections that can be made between different artforms, artworks and ideas.  As such his research profile covers a wide range of subjects including movement research, and visual, conceptual and performance art.

Most recently James has been exploring the possibilities that Virtual Reality offers movement based artists and looking at the paradox of art in a research context.

Qualifications, Awards and Professional Memberships

2022: PgDip (Arts Learning and Teaching in Higher Education) with Distinction, NSCD

2021: FHEA, Advance HE Fellow

2008: PhD in Music (Composition), University of York

2004-2007: Vinson Award, University of York

2003: Master of Music (Composition) with Merit, Kings College, University of London including piano tuition at the Royal Academy of Music

2002: Bachelor of Music (Honours) 1st Class, University of Glasgow

2002: The MacFarlane Prize for final year composition, University of Glasgow

2002: DipABRSM (Performance, Piano) with Distinction

1998-2002: Sir Thomas Beecham Scholarship for performance, University of Glasgow

1997-: Membership of Performing Rights Society (PRS)